we deal in ideas, creative explorations and awesome wallpaper.

The Retreat

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The contemporary designs in this collection are honest,earthy and real.

Satisfying our need to bring nature into our living spaces.Offering a peace and tranquil retreat within our home.

Inspired by natures natural shapes, tropical leaves,hedgerow flowers and rustic landscapes. 

Modern patterns in earthy hues, enriched with natural weaves and organic textures.

The Boudoir

Large scale romantic images, personalised especially for your own private space.

From fantasy to distressed archive elegance, a collection of designs, which bring nostalgia to your interior scheme.

This collection conjures up the faded elegance of a French chateaux or a modern twist on victorian Britain interiors.

The Traveller

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Design inspired by the world cultures abound in this collection. From rustic mexican handcrafted patterns to intricate indian needlepoint.

A colourful jumble of mis matched patterns sit together with clever colouring and textures.

Patterns that sit equally beautifully in a contemporary or heritage scheme .